Symptoms of Heart attack

2022-04-02 08:23:40

A heart attack occurs when a portion of the heart muscle does not receive enough blood, resulting in a heart attack or other cardiac problems. The blockage is responsible for the delay in blood flow to the heart. This blockage is typically caused by a buildup of fat, cholesterol, or another substance that restricts blood flow to the coronary arteries. The longer it takes to treat the cardiac muscle, the more damage it sustains. There are several signs of a heart attack, and if they are discovered, the patient should be transported to the hospital right away.

Symptoms of Heart Attack –

  • Chest pain – During heart attack, the left side of the chest feels discomfort and pain that may last for more than few mins, this chest pain keep coming and going back. The discomfort may feel like uncomfortable pain, squeezing, fullness or pressure in the heart.
  • Discomfort in the upper body – Pain or discomfort in the arms, bac