Importance of Breastfeeding

2022-09-02 12:41:52

<p>Breastfeeding is beneficial to both the baby&amp;#39;s and the mother&amp;#39;s health. It is also beneficial to your family and society. Your baby can feel, smell, and see you when you hold him or her close when breastfeeding. This assists you in developing a close, loving attachment with your infant.</p>

<p>Nobody else can give your baby what you can. Breastmilk is the only nourishment and drink your infant requires. Breastmilk fluctuates with each feeding to meet your baby&amp;#39;s needs and stage of development. Breastfed babies are also less likely to become ill than formula-fed babies.</p>

<p>1. Breastmilk provides a good start in life for your baby.<br />
2. It is your baby&amp;#39;s only source of nutrition for the first 6 months.<br />
3. Breastmilk is always fresh, clean, and at the appropriate temperature.<br />
4. Your breastmilk will alter over time to meet the changing needs of your kid.<br />
5. Breastmilk protects your infant from certain infections.</p>

<p><br />
<strong>Babies that are not breastfed are at a higher risk of</strong><br />
1. bladder or kidney infections, stomach and intestinal disease (including diarrhoea)<br />
2. Infections of the chest<br />
3. infections in the ears<br />
4. allergies (including eczema and asthma)<br />
5. Some paediatric malignancies are caused by SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome&mdash;cot<br />
death).<br />
6. Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are all risks later in life.<br />
7. Breastfed newborns require fewer hospitalizations for infections.</p>

<p>Breastfeeding might take some getting accustomed to. It might even be difficult at first. However, the value to you and your child is worth it. Breastfeeding can be started and maintained with the assistance of family and friends.</p>