Intensive care round the clock

2023-01-05 10:30:56

<p>In the critical care unit people are continually looked after and monitored by highly qualified staffs, which comprises physicians, physiotherapists, and nurses, each of them having particular knowledge and abilities. Specially trained nurses offer round-the-clock care and monitoring, and there is a high ratio of nurses to patients - each individual in ICU is normally assigned his or her own &#39;named&#39; nurse.</p>

<p>ICU nurses are essential to the patient&#39;s care, doing tasks like the following:</p>

    <li>Performing routine blood tests</li>
    <li>According to test results, the patient&#39;s treatment should be modified.</li>
    <li>Administering the medication and fluids that the doctor has given to the patient</li>
    <li>Keeping track of the patient&#39;s heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels</li>
    <li>Utilising a suction tube to remove fluid and mucus from the patient&#39;s chest</li>
    <li>Turning the patient in bed every couple of hours to avoid skin sores</li>
    <li>Using a damp sponge, the dentist will clean the patient&#39;s teeth and hydrate their mouth.</li>
    <li>Patient Sponge-&nbsp;bath&nbsp;in bed</li>
    <li>Making new sheets</li>
    <li>Removing a patient&#39;s surgical stockings, which promote blood flow when they are immobile (laying still) for an extended period of time</li>

<p>The nurses are available 24/7 to monitor all the critical patients admitted into the ICU (Intensive care unit).</p>